ASSP WISE Member of the Month

Posted: May 28, 2020

Congratulations to our April 2020 WISE Member of the Month: DOLORES BERGEN!

Dolores was awarded the April 2020 WISE MotM award in recognition of her many and ongoing efforts at the Chapter level, the strength of which resulted in a change to the structure of the Chapter to retain knowledge and honor the time commitments made by members.

Dolores “was instrumental in bringing WISE to ASSP Greater San Jose in 2019” and has made many efforts to “bring WISE to the forefront under her tenure”. As an executive committee member, Dolores “would advocate for the addition of WISE announcements at PDCs and in the executive board”, and then she took steps reproduce what she had asked for within her sphere of influence at the Chapter level.

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Welcome to ASSP – Do you want to learn more about WISE?

Posted: Apr 28, 2020

Do you want to learn more about WISE membership and what else they have in store for the Chapter?

If YES, click on the Calendy link below to setup a call with Mary Stine, ASSP Greater San Jose Chapter WISE Chair, to learn more.

ASSP Membership Grace and Hardship Program

Posted: Apr 21, 2020

ASSP Greater San Jose Chapter had reached out to the ASSP Region 1 VP, James Boretti in regards to the ASSP membership grace and hardship program for members that may have lost their job due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Here is the response from Society on what they are doing and how to reach them for more info on the hardship program.

  1. For the past two weeks we have engaged in a calling campaign to a sample of our members, just to check-in and collect data on how they are doing and what resources they need.  This data is helping to guide our COVID-19 response and will guide our response in member support regarding grace and hardship programs.
  2. Also, we (Society) do currently have a hardship program, where members who have lost their jobs can renew their membership for one year, at no cost.  Members can contact to learn about this program.
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