Safety 2019 WISE Mentor Awards

Posted: Jun 10, 2019

Congratulations to Mary Stine, ASSP Greater San Jose Chapter WISE Chair, for being a recipient on WISE Mentoring Program 2019 Excellence Award

Mentor awards 2019 ppt

Safety 2019 – WISE ChapterWISE preview

Posted: Jun 04, 2019

ChapterWISE is WISE at the Chapter level… learn more at the WISE Lounge from a panel of engaged and activated ChapterWISE volunteers! Karen LaRue‍ and I talk more about what’s going on at Safety 2019 related to ChapterWISE – see you there!

WISE Mentoring – Safety 2019 preview

Posted: Jun 04, 2019

Abby Ferri:Thank you Louise Vallee‍ for talking WISE Mentoring with me! I am so excited for the WISE Mentoring Panel and recognition program in the WISE Lounge in New Orleans… Let us know of any mentoring questions… see you at the WISE Lounge in room 210 of the convention center, just upstairs from the general session area and expo hall.



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