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Do you want to learn more about WISE membership and what else they have in store for the Chapter?

If YES, click on the Calendy link below to setup a call with Mary Stine, ASSP Greater San Jose Chapter WISE Chair, to learn more.

ASSP GSJC WISE Section Announcement

The ChapterWISE effort with the Greater San Jose Chapter (GSJC) and getting the San Francisco Chapter involved is now proud to announce an official San Francisco WISE group with Tamara Varatin as the ChapterWise Representative for 2019-2020.  The WISE group had its official opening during a public Networking event in November 2019.  Congratulations Tamara and Amanda Shin (SFC President) for a great roll out.

We will continue with our current Chapter and Section networking with the desire to provide remote access to outlier cities within in our groups via remote meetings, webcasts or telecons.

The Greater San Jose Chapter continues to provide a Bay Area section for WISE, with the structure that comes with a section to help provide a solid foundation of volunteer commitment to the goals of the WISE membership and ASSP membership in the Bay Area.

Bay Area WISE involvement is still new to many of the ASSP and WISE members in both these chapters and I believe to many of the ASSP members as well.  Therefore, we are making bold moves to communicate to those interested through direct mail, email and social media platforms.  We will ask our members from time to time to suggest community activities or provide access free training to share with others on our webpage.  We are reaching out to members to gain access to their STEM programs, OSHA program as well as other Community Interest Groups to share resources.

We are now connected with the Littler Law Groups section of Women in OSHA as well as working to form an alliance with Society of Women in Engineering, where Mary Stine is a current Member.

Our Annual telecon will be July 2020 with the announcement of the New WISE Board committee.    We want to thank everyone who participated in 2019-2020 including the non -WISE membership.  We have submitted our Annual report for consideration of an award of Distinction.

The 2020-2021 Nominations are coming in from Facebook, LinkedIn and our local chapter members. I have asked Dolores Bergen (Past President GSJC) to assist in developing a nominating committee to oversee the process.  Mary Stine shall provide our future leaders with recognition as a slated panel on this section of our website going forward. We will close nominations June 1, 2020.   All credits for project will now have faces to go with their efforts! and we will celebrate each milestone as a group each month with a member of the month nomination to ASSP WISE CIG at Society.

Current roles are as follows.  Incumbents are free to apply to retain current status or move to another section.  Deadline for nominations is June 1, 2020 – please send your nominations to

  • Community outreach Charity and PDC
  • Development Talks Technology
  • Networking Social
  • Students STEM Outreach
  • Chairperson / Captain of the team all around coordinator

The details on the nominating committee and he positions will be linked on the WISE Section page.

ASSP Greater San Jose – Women in Safety Excellence

Join our Women in Safety Excellence member community to connect with like-minded safety professionals and support the inclusion and advancement of women within the safety industry.

Who We Are

ASSP’s Women in Safety Excellence (WISE) Common Interest Group advances ASSP members and the safety profession through education, mentorship, networking, collaboration, research and innovation.

What We Do

Our diverse and engaged member community promotes the equity and advancement of women in the safety profession. We strive to continuously influence industry to address current and future safety challenges affecting women in the workforce locally, nationally and globally.

  • We offer education opportunities that members can immediately put into practice, as well as leadership opportunities to help our members develop to their fullest professional potential
  • With approximately 2,000 members, WISE provides a vast and supportive community for networking, collaboration and change-making
  • Local, national and virtual networking and collaboration opportunities abound. WISE brings members together to advocate on occupational safety and health (OSH) issues specific to women in the workplace

Why It Matters

The OSH industry and its leaders should be as diverse as all the different businesses and employees it serves. Workers are more likely to respond to safety initiatives that are spurred by people to whom they can relate and trust. Having a diverse group of safety professionals helps ensure this. Furthermore, many women have made great contributions to the safety profession, and we want to ensure that there is a place for more female-led initiatives in the future.

WISE Mentor Program

We love our mentors and mentees and our next match will be in April!  So Perfect timing.

If you are interested, please complete the application on the ASSP web site or try the link below.

At Safety 2019, we will be presenting a mentee round table that you will not want to miss!  

Guidelines for WISE Mentors and Mentees

  • You must be an member of ASSP and WISE to participate in this program
  • We hold all information exchanged between matched pairs for mentoring in strict confidence; applications are viewed only by the matching committee
  • Mentors and mentees should commit to at least one hour per month for meeting, by phone, e-mail or in person
  • Teams will be matched for one year with an option to extend for a second year if both parties agree
  • Mentors are not expected to provide employment or business opportunities for mentees — just life lessons, advice, coaching and mentoring

Please let me know if you have any other questions! 

Louise Vallee is our Mentor Chair.

Mary Stine, MS 

ASSP Greater San Jose WISE Chair